What are CERTIFIED HIGH PERFORMANCE HOMES qualified new homes?

 CERTIFIED HIGH PERFORMANCE HOMES qualified homes are independently verified to be at least 20% more energy efficient than homes built to the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). These savings are based on heating, cooling, and hot water energy use and are typically achieved through a combination of:

    - Building envelope upgrades
    - High performance windows
    - Controlled air infiltration
    - Upgraded heating and air conditioning systems 
    - Tight duct systems
    - Upgraded water-heating equipment.

These features contribute to improved home quality and homeowner comfort, and to lower energy demand and reduced air pollution. CERTIFIED HIGH PERFORMANCE HOMES also encourages the use of energy-efficient lighting and appliances, as well as features designed to improve indoor air quality.

Homebuyer Incentives

Because CERTIFIED HIGH PERFORMANCE HOMES qualified new homes offer significant utility bill savings each and every month, ownership gives you access to special financing opportunities such as Energy Efficient Mortgages. These special mortgages make it easier for borrowers to qualify to purchase homes with specific energy-efficiency improvements. Contact your local CERTIFIED HIGH PERFORMANCE HOMES lender to learn more about how buying an CERTIFIED HIGH PERFORMANCE HOMES qualified new home can truly pay significant dividends.

As a home buyer you can also reap the benefits from special utility promotions designed to encourage homeowners to reduce their energy consumption through energy efficiency. These promotions often include product rebates on home products that bear the ENERGY STAR label, reimbursement for the cost of having your home energy rated by a certified home energy rater, as well as other energy efficiency perks depending on the structure of the utility's CERTIFIED HIGH PERFORMANCE HOMES  program. The bottom line is that by installing energy efficient features in your new home such as a high SEER heating and cooling unit, low-e windows, and improved insulation, you can save money on your monthly utility bills, live in a more comfortable home, and help keep energy demand down.