Twelve Steps To Building Your Dream Home

When you decide to build your dream home, you’ll probably feel a rush of excitement and perhaps, a little bit of fear. We want to ensure that our clients move through the building process with a well-conceived plan and a minimum of surprises. As an Omaha custom home builder, we follow the proven twelve-step methodology briefly outlined below:

Step 1: Know Your Numbers – We suggest you meet with a loan officer that works with new construction and competitive permanent financing. You will need a pre-approval letter stating your qualifications. (We can suggest a couple of lenders as well)

  • Financing: Do you want to finance the construction or would you rather have us do that? (We will explain the positives/negatives on each side
  • You want to have a budget and feel comfortable with what the final cost of construction will be. (Don't forget about blinds, curtains, additional landscaping, etc.)
  • Do you have a home to sell? If you do, you will want to make sure and take this into consideration. (Our agent representative can help with the sale and put the transaction together making sure timing for all works and even work with you on commissions.) If you need help in getting your home ready for sale, we can help with that process as well.

 Step 2: Solidify Your Builder/Agent Partnerships!

  • Get to know your builder and trust this relationship. (We want to be your trusted friend and referral for life as many of our clients have been.)
  • Ask for a past customer referrals, examine our work-even in a home 10 years old, know our affiliates.
  • We can't stress our "Builder Attitude" enough! We are working for you and we want to have open communication throughout the process. We will deliver an excellent product at a fair price with exceeding customer service and follow up after the sale.

Step 3: What Do You Want Us To Build?

  •  Select from one of our featured plans, make adjustments to one, or we can develop a custom plan just for you. (Tell us your families needs & we can give you pointers in regards to space, cost & utility. We want to make sure your budget is also in line with your plans)
  • During this phase we will also review your need for finding a lot if you if you do not already have one.    

Step 4: Let's Find That Special Lot!

  • Our agent can help you find a lot to meet your needs in regards to neighborhood, school district, location, distance to work, amenities & price range in regards to final numbers.
  • We will also give you web search locations for lots in Omaha and surrounding areas.
  • We will help you with putting the lot on hold & finalizing the lot purchase.

Step 5: Let's Review The Specifications

  • We will sit down and review the floor plans, allowances & specifications.
  • Standards to any home: Certified High Performance Homes, Ample Allowances & On Site Meetings  

 Step 6: We Are Ready To Finalize All Our Hard Work!

  • We will present the final estimates & establish a final purchase price.
  • We will present all contract documents, (easy to read & clear), make any adjustments as needed from the floor plans, allowances, final review & approval of floor plan.
  • Once all is approved we will get all the paper work signed.
  • Collect earnest deposit & down payment depending on direction of financing & credit standing.
  • We will then submit your plan to the Homeowner's association or developer for approval, once approved will apply for the building permit.

Step 7: Let's Dig A Hole! 

  • Start construction! We will start by doing site elevations, then digging a hole for the foundation.

Step 8: Now You Get To Pick Selections!

  • Start to select from our vendors-plumbing, lighting, interior surfaces, painting & exterior features. This is the exciting part!
  • Need help, have our designer help with your decision making.
  • Our agent will provide you with a tentative schedule & due dates for these selections.

Step 9: The Walls Are Going Up!

  • We will do a walk through prior to drywall, verifying all quality features & electrical placement.

Step 10: Let's Make Sure Everything Is Perfect!

  • Prior to final closing , we will walk through the home & educate you on all the features of your new home. We will supply you with warranty booklets & our warranty package. We will look for any final touch ups.

Step 11: Welcome Home!

  • Our agent will attend closing & have your keys to your new home.
  • Our agent will check on you within the next 2 weeks to make sure you have a smooth transition.

Step 12: Service After The Sale

  • You will have a 30 day & 11 month walk through to check on how things are going. We will clear up any issues with regards to our warranty.
  • We will have documents saved for 7 years via our dotloop system. You will have access to all records & you can access them at any period in that time.