Why Choose Baranko

Why Choose BarankoMichael Baranko Homes is a distinct presence in the custom home building industry. With a respect for quality and a sincere dedication to honesty and integrity, Baranko provides homeowners with the opportunity to feel safe and secure when entrusting them with the singular experience of building their future home. Michael Baranko, founder and principal builder, not only acts as project manager and superintendent for each and every home, but is present on the job site to ensure the quality of the construction and the satisfaction of the client.

Together with his real estate agents, Karen and Joe Gehrki, Baranko maintains the quality of customer service and provides peace of mind for each homeowner, by establishing the importance of the homeowner’s role in the building process. With the added benefits of the attention and support of his real estate agents, Baranko Construction has earned its reputation for client satisfaction and quality custom homes.


Michael Baranko Homes was founded by Michael Baranko, of whose thirty years of experience in the building and construction industry encompasses all aspects involved in this trade. His knowledge of construction and his skill as a homebuilder is evident in every home built by Baranko. The competency and precision of his team of craftsmen is visible, as well, in every step of the building process.

By establishing the addition of his real estate agent group, Baranko was able to magnify the results to their customer-centric approach. With this qualified team of experts working along side and taking personal responsibility for the homeowner, Baranko is able to ensure a higher level of consistency, reliability and quality in the selling and specifics of every home built.


Michael Baranko Homes is a home building company set apart by three fundamental values that are incorporated into every aspect of the home building process.


Baranko builds only the highest quality homes. By carefully selecting all of the building materials to meet their premium standards, and by working with a qualified and talented team of craftsmen, Baranko builds each home with reputable competency and attention to quality.


At Baranko, each client is seen as a unique individual with a vision and dream for a home that is singular to them. This is why Baranko takes the time to learn all about your specific needs and desires and pays close attention to each and every detail. Your home is built to incorporate what you need and what you want, as well as, to reflect who you are.


Building your dream home is only part of what Michael Baranko Homes strives to accomplish. Establishing a solid connection and an open line of communication with each customer is a vital part of Baranko’s approach to home building. You can be assured that the design of your home is exactly what you envisioned and that the process of its construction is far more enjoyable than you ever imagined.

The Difference

In addition to the piece of mind that you’ll receive as a respected and valued client, you’ll see the difference in the benefits that come standard with your home building experience.

Baranko chooses to build only a modest number of homes per year, strictly in order to uphold the customer-centric philosophy that goes into each and every home building project. With the time and attention that is abundantly presented to you as a homeowner, you’ll have valued input and constant support throughout each step of the building process. In addition to the peace of mind that you’ll receive as a respected and valued client, you’ll see the difference in the benefits that come standard with your home building experience.

- A fixed and carefully selected team of subcontractors who maintain the Baranko standard of excellence in quality and skill.
- A consistent and dependable timeline that delivers an informed and timely building process.
- A comprehensive home warranty available through Pro-Homes of Nebraska.
- Three full walk throughs to guarantee your approval and satisfaction.